Dilbert Creator, Scott Adams Success with Affirmations

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert comic strip wrote about his success with affirmations. I cannot track down the original source, so I want to preserve this here so I can find it always. Affirmations Several years ago, in the closing pages of my otherwise humorous book titled The Dilbert Future, I told a weird […]

Lemon Detox. A Gentle Lemon Water Cleanse

lemon detox - a gentle lemon cleanse

I’ve just begun my journey into the increasingly popular world of essential oils. I am absolutely loving this experience. Being an avid gardener, my backyard is my ‘happy place’. So, it’s no surprise that the health benefits of plants would be fascinating. I’m having a ball researching. One that I’ve seen the quickest benefits from is Lemon Essential Oil. […]

How to Have an AMAZING Day – by Randy Gage

In this video, Randy Gage gives us his 7 questions to ask yourself, every morning so that you can have an amazing day… every day. And you know what. It’s working! I cant imagine how it could not! Do these things every day and see how your life changes for the better! Question 1. What […]

How To Attract Money: 30 Day Method

I just finished an experiment to find out if (and how) this manifesting money stuff actually works. I am happy to report…

My income more than TRIPLED!

Things were actually moving, but I didnt know how much until I broke it down and analyzed the numbers. Crazy how big the shifts were. I kinda surprised myself. The biggest shift “clicked” when I started doing the right things.

My Favorite Spiritual Movies: A list.

Here’s a list of spiritual movies I’ve been compiling for years. I hope you find your favorite uplifting spiritual movies from this list. If I’ve missed YOUR favorite spiritual movie, remind me in the comments!

How to Stop a Panic Attack the Teal Swan Way

how to stop a panic attack

I’ve had panic disorder for 14 years. I think by now, I’ve experienced every symptom of panic there is, which are frighteningly similar to a heart attack (and yes I’ve been rushed in, bumped to the front of the line, at the emergency room). I have trekked the ever changing landscape of anxiety and I have learned 2 things. One, with ongoing anxiety, the symptoms never seem to stay the same. And two, my body is trying to TELL me something.

‘Feel Free’ Mantra. Poster Download.

feel free

Do you long to feel FREE? Try this little exercise and imagine it! Imagine the wind in your hair, dancing like no ones looking, throw your arms out and say I AM FREE! It really works, and its really fun.

Qigong Exercises for Blood Pressure. My 8 minute miracle!

I’ve been trying to get my blood pressure down all morning, actually since yesterday. My diastolic has been hovering near the 100 range, for god knows how long. Yesterday I decided to test and was not happy. Ive just taken up the practice of EFT (emotional freedom technique, aka tapping) with awesome results! Allowing myself to FEEL through my feelings, having better ‘discussions’ with Jon (my boyfriend) and learning to speak my authentic truth. Today, for some reason, EFT wasnt cutting it.

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Raising your Vibration is easy. Its just a matter of thinking good thoughts that lead to the good feelings that lift you up. Thats simple right? But in the throws of life, it can be a little hard to sustain. So we practice, and then practice some more. And keep practicing in hopes to ‘level up’, to a place where nothing can bring you down. That would be ideal.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening: Green Means Go(d)

I’ll start this one off with a story. Today my boyfriend Jon and I were driving to the auto parts store. It was a more challenging morning full of arguments, hiccups at work, three broken cars and more than enough irritation to fill my bowl. He asked me, how do we stop this aggravation and be happy? So I guided him through it, and boy did I need the practice! With all this junk floating around, cleaning up my vibration was long overdue.