About Potential Soup

This website exists to help people reach more of their potential through spiritual practice. To drive the main point in as profound way as possible… that your potential is endless. We reach one goal. Expand. And go on to the next. Theres no limit.

We reach our potential by raising the frequency of our energetic vibration. I understand this as ‘feeling good’. From resentment to forgiveness. From fear to trust. From stress to peace, love and appreciation. From lack to abundance. We know were vibrating higher when we feel good. This might take practice.

Every moment of every day we CAN practice! We can learn better self talk, I call it ‘internal pep talks’. We can claim more ‘me time’ to center, release stress and bring the physical body back to stasis. And we can focus on what we DO want by writing, visualizing and daydreaming.

About the Author

spiritual-transformationI’m Trish. Spirituality is part of the picture we cant see (yet), but I believe its real. Do you notice too many coincidences in your life? Have you seen the 1’s & 11’s? (thats alignment) Do you get a buzz when people talk about energy? You’re in the soup with me!

I will only share with you stuff that I KNOW works and stuff that Im dabbling with to actually see if it works. Im not a spiritual guru, but I cant unknow the things I know. I have a hard time sticking to a meditation regimen, just like you. I have my ups and down, just like you. But that’s what life is all about. Challenges and victories.

Celebrate the challenges and victories with me!

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