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How To Attract Money: 30 Day Method

how to attract moneyThis is a very proud day, I get show you some real proof of how to attract money!

I just finished an experiment to find out if (and how) this manifesting money stuff actually works. I am happy to report…

My income more than TRIPLED!

Things were actually moving, but I didnt know how much until I broke it down and analyzed the numbers. Crazy how big the shifts were. I kinda surprised myself. The biggest shift “clicked” when I started doing the right things.

I’m going to give you all of the resources that I used to make this success happen. It takes persistence, it may not feel like anything’s moving. But don’t give up! Nobody’s perfect, that’s why they call it practice. I get off track so easily sometimes, so, Believe me when I say, if I can do this, you can do it too. If you can feel appreciation, get rid of all that complainy nonsense and move out of doubt. You can do this.

The best way to stay on top of this method and learn how to attract money in 30 days…
write it all down.

Exclusive Bonus: Download the 30 Day Checklist (plus the money tracker) that will show you how to attract money using this 30 day method.

So here’s what happened when I tracked my income every day, to the penny. Take a look at my results!

how to attract money-proof

I created a Money Tracker Sheet and started tracking my income. It wasn’t a perfect success, but I was reaching my small money goals. I got a new part time job for consistent money, things were starting to happen. I tracked every penny that came in and was happy for every little thing, even if I found 20 cents. Bring it on universe, more, more! For 50 days, I averaged $32 a day. (like i said if i can do this, you can do it too)

Daily Gratitude
Then I decided to take it a step further with the practice of daily gratitude. Every day, I filled a page in my spiral notebook with things in my life that are GOOD. I appreciated the heck out of everything on that page. With Christmas so close I had bigger goals, and I was reaching them. I started to see a significant change. For the next 16 days, I averaged $48… that’s $16 more a day, just by appreciating what I had!

Daily Meditation
Now here’s where it starts getting good. I added a 10 minute meditation and things started to really happen. New freelance jobs coming, in addition to my part time job! Man it was an awesome Christmas, I was able to buy everything on my list. It just made it so fun. I had a lot to be grateful for.  In 30 days, my income leaped to $105 a day. now we’re talkin! it more than doubled from the previous month ($57 more), and more than tripled from when I started ($73 more!).

When I finished my 30 days, my income fell back down, but I did notice one thing, it didn’t go ALL the way back. Its as if I created a new setpoint. I was open to opportunity and attracted something lasting.

How To Attract Money: My 30 Day Method

#1 The Money Tracker
how to attract money - money tracker downloadThis money tracker is a LuckyBitch exercise. I was blessed enough sign up for her free class on how to Manifest Money and learned this little gem. Im so glad I did, because it ACTUALLY WORKS! When I use this worksheet, I started to actually manifest what I wanted! It’s crazy to watch this work, because I never knew how to manifest money before. It may start slow, I may not hit my goals in the time allocated, but after a little consistent practice, I’m manifesting like crazy.

FOLLOW THE STEPS (dont worry, the steps are repeated in the download)

Step 1. On the left, list everything you need and want, and how much it costs. Total it up. This is your goal for the week, month, etc.

Step 2. On the bottom, list at least 20 things you can do to make money. Everything you can think of, even if its ridiculous or you’re never going to do it. Give the universe something to work with.

Step 3. As money comes in, celebrate, then record it in the income column. Down to the PENNY. Acknowledge that the universe is bringing your desires.

Step 4. Subtract the amount that you just earned from your goal in the last column. Write down the new amount you have LEFT to manifest… Until you get to $0 and your goal is met!

Before you do this exercise, listen to Denise ‘Lucky Bitch’ Duffield explain the money
tracking process. It’s about halfway through her Money in 24 hours Audio.

Do this!
Its fun, and it works!

#2 The 30 Day Checklist
Now I added my own spin to get things flowing… Let me show you what I did during those 30 days that made a huge difference. First I created a worksheet with a checklist of everything I wanted to do that day.

how to attract money - 30days

  1. Meditation
      I jumped on youtube and found a few amazing meditation tools, and created a playlist.

    • Minds With Integrity has the best money meditation Ive ever heard. This was my daily 10 minute meditation.
    • While I worked on my affirmations, focus wheel and gratitude, I played this Meditation Music in the background. It really helped cultivate good feelings.
    • And if you just love meditation and guided visualization, I highly recommend anything by Jason Stephenson.
  2. Affirmations and Focus Wheels
    • Affirmations can be in any form. I wrote full pages of things I was grateful for. I wrote freeform thoughts and feelings of what I’d like to happen. If the words causes a little uneasiness, Id rephrase with “I love the idea of” (this affirmation being true). I wrote whatever made me FEEL that good feeling.  I believe that’s the whole point. Appreciate what you have. Be eager for what’s coming. Be grateful for the things that feel good.
    • The Focus Wheel comes from the imagination of Esther Hicks and I love the format. Its a circle with 12 spokes. You write your affirmations around the circle. Here’s the best explanation of how to do a focus wheel for money that i’ve found. I did it a little differently. I centered, allowed myself to feel my money fears, and then quelled those fears with positive affirmations. When I went back to read my focus wheel every day, I totally felt the love.
    • Whenever I wrote something that drummed up a serious amount of good vibes, Id keep it and read it every morning. By the end of 30 days, I had 5 sheets to read through and 1 good focus wheel. Plus my money tracker.
  3. Visualization
    I seriously intended to close my eyes and visualize what I wanted. You know, I never really got around to it. But I left it here because I think it’s a very powerful manifestation method if you choose to use it.
  4. Review Money Tracker
    I added a spot to look over my money goals, which I kept on the money tracker worksheet explained above. Every day go over this sheet to keep your goals in mind.
  5. Then I did one thing every day to feel good
    When I started to get a little stressed, Id take a break. Here are the resources I used for Yoga, QiGong, EFT, Exercise (with Gilad), and Meditation
  6. And of course there’s gratitude
    I left a lot of space on the page for writing out things im grateful for, most of the time I’d get in the groove and write on the back of the page, sometimes having to pull out the spiral notebook. Abraham says to ‘Milk it’ and I did it as much as possible.

I wish I could say the whole thing only took 15-20 minutes a day, but for those 30 days, I really dug in. Sometimes it would take an hour, sometimes I’d milk it for two hours. I don’t believe you have to do it that long, but I highly recommend hanging onto the feeling if you’re vibing right. The one thing that was important for me, was to do it first thing in the morning even if I had to get up early. If I didn’t do it first thing, I’d get busy and miss a day.


I wish you the VERY best in your money manifesting. If you decide to use my 30 day method, let me know how you did in the comments below! And don’t forget to share with anyone that needs a little money love in their life.

‘Feel Free’ Mantra. Poster Download.

A while back, I was thinking about quitting smoking, going through the feelings of how it would be to feel free of the addiction. How it feels to breath easy, run farther, be super healthy and FEEL the freedom, never missing it, ever… and I came up with the following writing. It was about smoking, but it can really be for anything you would like freedom from, or just the beautiful feeling of freedom in general!

“go forth in you efforts with confidence that you will get what you want… you always do. Its YOU! Your body, your life – LOVE YOURSELF. The more you love yourself, the more the negative things will fall away. It will disinterest you, because it doesnt resonate with love, and all the things that you want. Love yourself and FEEL FREE. The more you feel free, the more freedom your brain will allow you to have. Do things that make you feel free. Run. Dance. Swim or even take a bath. Make Love. Ride Horses. Meditate. Lift your spirits and say this mantra: I AM FREE! and I only allow freedom. I allow freedom to permeate every cell of my being. I allow freedom to take over my thoughts and guide me to freedom.” ~your soul.
(* any quote signed as ‘your soul’ is a form of writing where i turn off my brain and let words come. I dont know if its my soul. I dont even know if its true. but I do know it usually surprises me)

Feel Free Poster

I decided to make a poster to remind me. I thought you might appreciate the reminder as well.

Download, share, put it somewhere you’ll see it and FEEL FREE every day.