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Signs of Spiritual Awakening: Green Means Go(d)

I’ll start this one off with a story. Today my boyfriend Jon and I were driving to the auto parts store. It was a more challenging morning full of arguments, hiccups at work, three broken cars and more than enough irritation to fill my bowl. He asked me, how do we stop this aggravation and be happy? So I guided him through it, and boy did I need the practice! With all this junk floating around, cleaning up my vibration was long overdue.

I told him, all these things you’re complaining about today, hitting every red light, people driving like idiots, the difficult time fixing cars, they’re very specific things arent they? So we gotta step back, as far as necessary, to see what feels good. We “Go General”.

So I asked him, Whats good about now? He was in negativeland, so I helped by naming things. Well, you its good that you HAVE a working car to go get parts. were not sitting in the house anymore. heck if you have to go all the way back to ‘Im alive’ to feel grateful, then you go back. None of these things were grabbing his attention until I said ‘the trees’.

It was an intensly gorgeous fall day. Rainy and warm. Beautiful storm clouds in the distance to set the perfect mood. And the trees, the TREES! They’d turned the most brilliant yellow, orange and scarlet. So we focused on them, ‘wow, look at that one… and that one’, pointing out photo worthy fall scenes along the way. (For some reason, trees are the ticket, they inspire awe in me, every time, and I have a hold of the gratitude Im looking for.)

We worked at keeping our mood high by thinking of other things that were good. When I mentioned, ‘and your car will be fixed soon’ I saw the grrrr reenter his face. Too far? so we backed off a little and kept working at it.

signs-of-spiritual-awakeningCan you guess what happened, not even 5 minutes after we started practicing? This is absolutely no joke. We got all green lights. All the way to the store, where we got the best parking spot.

Inside, we kept our energy up, showing each other neat stuff in the store… until I ran into a friend I hadnt seen in 10 years. He started a landscape business and heard about our little nursery business. He told me he wanted to buy plants from us and to make sure to get in contact with him. I wondered how that conversation would have went down if we didnt pull ourselves out of that crap mood. Or would I have even seen him in the store. That crazy universe.

On the way back, Jon asked me to look up some other parts on my iphone, but I couldnt show him the photos because we didnt hit a red light for him stop and look. We had a good laugh about that.

I learned how to “Go General” from Abraham Hicks, and it really saved the day.

This stuff is no joke, and this is how it starts. I’ve just never seen it happen so fast!

Green Lights and Parking Spots are some of the first signs of spiritual awakening. It may seem simplistic, but it shows you that life can be a breeze when you allow it.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Signs of spiritual awakening expand way beyond green lights. Numbers. Words. Something you assign. The universe is listening! and it’s trying to prove that it is, we just need to be aware and get the hell out of the way.

Now What About You!?

Have you been experiencing coincidences like crazy that you just cannot explain away? Do you let it drive you nuts, or rather recognize the synchronicity and acknowledge that the universe is working in your favor! LuckyBitch, Denise Duffield Thomas practices this. She calls herself a ‘reverse paranoid’ and I just love the term. She believes “the entire Universe is conspiring to help me achieve my wildest dreams.” How do you think your life would be different if you held a BELIEF like that? She’s manifested A LOT of stuff. Being the optimist, I’ll raise my hand and answer ‘oh, oh, true!’

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Have you been longing for your divine purpose in life? You’re waking UP! If you’ve been asking come on, what’s my purpose for so long that you’re swimming in doubt, I have good news! Your purpose is to do whatever it is that you’re drawn to, whatever you’re inspired to do, at any moment. Your purpose is to be YOU and follow your heart… not in the long run, but every second of every day. One inspiration leads to another and another. EXPERIENCING the good in life is purpose enough, don’t you think? Add them all together in a string of inspiration and your life may be screaming at you ‘go this direction!’ Struggling to find a purpose will never lead you to it. Its less likely that you’ll have a grand epiphany about what you’re supposed to do, and more likely that you’ll follow your journey and lead yourself there.

There are a few more common signs that we collectively experience. Kristen Butler at was dead on with her 11 Signs You May be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening Some of the signs she pointed out happened so long ago that I thought it was a normal part of life. But newer signs for me like seeing numbers, the desire to connect with nature (the trees!) and the desire to eat healthier were a striking indication that so many of use are going through a spiritual awakening.

Have you been experiencing signs of spiritual awakening? I want to know. Put them in the comments below!

1111 Meaning: Why am I Looking at the Clock at 11:11?

Sometime in 2008 a strange phenomenon occurred that I’d never heard of. I kept looking at the clock at 11:11. Not just looking, I was really noticing. It was strangely exciting and I had no idea why it was happening. It happened so often that I started calling out to my family, ‘it’s 11:11!’. Wasn’t long before i was wondering What in the world is going ON? I asked my good friend google.

8 years ago, there was exactly ONE article about it online. It said that Angels were sending me messages that I’m right on track. It sounded unrealistic, but it didn’t stop me from saying thank you and sending it back, setting the microwave to 1:11 to heat my tea. Cool. I got angels.

When the 2’s started… then the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s, it kinda drove me mad. NObody could explain this in terms I could understand. It went on for years. After a while, I could only say ‘yeah yeah, the numbers’ and you know what happened. The numbers stopped. Talk about ungrateful. Why did it have to mean more? Today Im learning to be more grateful for things, big and small.

1111 meaning

1111 meaning

Alas, a more complex answer finally did come. Something to wrap my head around. The numbers signify ‘Alignment’. I knew it was true when Esther Hicks told the audience about her same exact experience, the night she woke up at 1:11, then 2:22, 3:33 all the way through until 5:55. The earliest recording I’ve heard her mention this was in 2003. She explained “The universe is knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.” Now that’s something!

1111 Meaning Alignment

Alignment is a concept I just get. It happens when you are thinking the same thoughts, having the same feelings that your ‘soul’ has. Your energy is vibrating at a frequency that matches the frequency of your ‘source’. A frequency that opens doors. When you’re aligned things are easy, questions are answered, everything kinda flows. When you see the numbers, you truly are on the right track. Keep it up! Its a good time to remember the things that you want in life, things you’re grateful for, basically things that make you happy. How many times do you exclaim, “I LOVE MY LIFE!” Maybe its time to start.

To achieve that alignment, your feelings are your best indicator of where you’re at. When you’re feeling the highest emotions like love, gratitude, positive expectation, hope, the more it will make you feel good. The more you feel good, the more aligned you are. The more aligned you are, the more good can flow.

When things just work, you feel good, but have you ever tried it the other way around??? Feel good and then things work? It said to be the way to really manifest. Let the good times roll!

You can go even further with this.

When you see numbers, hear and read a word at the same time, or get any little syncronistic signs from the universe, check in! What are you thinking about? How are you feeling? If it makes sense, GO with it. Were you wondering if you should do a specific something, and bam there’s a big fat row of numbers? explore it more. Imagine doing that thing with your whole heart. Does it make you soar? Do you hear that resounding ‘yes’ from your whole being? Maybe its something you really gotta do. Let the universe guide you! Let your feelings guide you!

By the way, the numbers finally did come back (probably about 5 times while writing this post). Mostly I see 11:23, my birthday!!! Now that really makes me happy.

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Do you remember a time when your life just flowed? Did you get any signs? Do you have your own spiritual meaning of 1111? I’d love to hear your stories. Write them in the comments below.