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How to Have an AMAZING Day – by Randy Gage

In this video, Randy Gage gives us his 7 questions to ask yourself, every morning so that you can have an amazing day… every day. And you know what. It’s working! I cant imagine how it could not! Do these things every day and see how your life changes for the better!

Question 1. What are you grateful for? (energy attracts and repels!)
Question 2. What can I DO to be joyful today?
Question 3. What can I do today to be of service?
Question 4. Who do I know that needs a text, call or card from me today?
Question 5. What can I do today to strengthen my mind?
Question 6. What is the GOAL pulling me toward it? (have a ‘why that makes you cry’)
Question 7. What specific action step is the next one toward my goal?

Randys Prosperity TV Channel on youtube is full of quick inspirational videos. Make sure to subscribe. Also, Check out Randys website, hes great! Get a free copy of Randy’s “50 Secrets of Prosperity” e-book at

My Favorite Spiritual Movies: A list.

spiritual-moviesHere’s a list of spiritual movies I’ve been compiling for years. I hope you find your favorite uplifting spiritual movies from this list. If I’ve missed YOUR favorite spiritual movie, remind me in the comments!

Spiritual Movies

  • Celestine Prophecy (suggest reading or listening to the book or first) – James Redfield
  • Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
  • Indigo – Neale Donald Walsch
  • Defending Your Life – Albert Brooks. Meryl Streep
  • Powder – Sean Patrick Flanery. Jeff Goldblum.
  • Phenomenon – John Travolta
  • City of Angels – Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan
  • What Dreams May Come – Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • What the Bleep do we know (not the secret)
  • The Last Mimzi
  • Wake Up. (documentary on netflix) watch the trailer
  • Happy Accidents – Vincent D’Onofrio, Marisa Tomei

Spiritual TV Shows

  • Ghost Whisperer – Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Medium – Patricia Arquette
  • Touch – Kiefer Sutherland

Movies about career, success and following your heart

  • Chef – Jon Favreau
  • Begin Again – Mark Ruffalo

Movies about living an Inspired Life

  • A Long Way Down – Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette

If youve seen any awesome spiritual movies that arent on this list, put them in the comments below!

How to Stop a Panic Attack the Teal Swan Way

I’ve had panic disorder for 14 years. In all that time, I’ve never learned how to stop a panic attack. I think by now, I’ve experienced every symptom of panic there is, which are frighteningly similar to a heart attack (and yes I’ve been rushed into the ER and bumped to the front of the line!). I have trekked the ever changing landscape of anxiety and I have learned 2 things. One, with ongoing anxiety, the symptoms never seem to stay the same. And two, my body is trying to TELL me something.

After 5 years of psychotherapy, a month in an outpatient behavioral program, over a month with an anxiety coach, plus all of the initial reactions like fighting, fleeing, hiding… I never was taught to deal effectively with the physical symptoms of anxiety. I never knew how to stop a panic attack. I figured, if I just let it happen, it would eventually go away… ‘suffer through it’ became my mantra. But it didn’t go away. It got worse. I wasn’t listening.

Thank the heavens, there is one person, one beacon of light that actually taught me something useful: Teal Swan. And one particularly rough night, I followed her instructions. With a sigh of relief I can say, I got through it.  And in the morning when I woke up, the heart palpitations that plague me daily, were gone. After 14 years, I probably have more work to do, but it was a glorious oasis of comfort.

I added a summary with her steps after the video, if you have dont have 19 minutes to watch. If you’re living with anxiety, I’m willing to bet you do.

Teal says that “Anxiety is the body reflecting the thoughts you’re thinking.” This means you’re spending too much time with fear. How many fear, worry, anger or stressful thoughts do you think throughout the day? Think about it. When you go to the doctor, dont they always ask you if theres anything stressful going on in your life? There’s something to this, and it only makes sense that it would manifest in some physical experience.

Teal says to question your thoughts, one by one. Though she doesnt explain much more, she recommends studying the work of Byron Katie. Teal also has a video on how to change a belief.

But right now, you need SKILLS! And fast.

Here are her steps on  how to stop a panic attack .

  1. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Hold for 8 seconds. Let it out, feeling a release.
  2. Say “I am having a panic attack” (acknowledge)
  3. Turn your focus TOWARD the sensations.
    Say… ‘Sensation – you feel heavy, you feel painful, you feel numb’
  4. Next… Ask it to become WORSE. To get more intense. To FEEL more.
  5. Ask the sensation what it needs you to know. What is it trying to tell you.
    your system is giving you totally accurate information
  6. What were you thinking before the panic started? Look for proof that undermines the fear and think supportive thoughts.
  7. Keep a positive aspects journal. Write your fear, then write a positive thought that proves your fear is just a fear.

Her last piece of advice was this. If you make a decision, maybe to do something that causes anxiety, line up your thoughts to support it. Keep yourself focused on the positive when you are and when you are not doing something stressful. Use your positive aspects journal to practice, and when fear creeps in, acknowledge it, feel through it and go back to your positive thoughts as soon as you can.

If you want a more in depth approach to deal with day to day anxiety and get past it over time, Teal has another video on how to get rid of anxiety

I also created a little downloadable pocket guide if you need a reminder 😀

How To Stop a Panic Attack

‘Feel Free’ Mantra. Poster Download.

A while back, I was thinking about quitting smoking, going through the feelings of how it would be to feel free of the addiction. How it feels to breath easy, run farther, be super healthy and FEEL the freedom, never missing it, ever… and I came up with the following writing. It was about smoking, but it can really be for anything you would like freedom from, or just the beautiful feeling of freedom in general!

“go forth in you efforts with confidence that you will get what you want… you always do. Its YOU! Your body, your life – LOVE YOURSELF. The more you love yourself, the more the negative things will fall away. It will disinterest you, because it doesnt resonate with love, and all the things that you want. Love yourself and FEEL FREE. The more you feel free, the more freedom your brain will allow you to have. Do things that make you feel free. Run. Dance. Swim or even take a bath. Make Love. Ride Horses. Meditate. Lift your spirits and say this mantra: I AM FREE! and I only allow freedom. I allow freedom to permeate every cell of my being. I allow freedom to take over my thoughts and guide me to freedom.” ~your soul.
(* any quote signed as ‘your soul’ is a form of writing where i turn off my brain and let words come. I dont know if its my soul. I dont even know if its true. but I do know it usually surprises me)

Feel Free Poster

I decided to make a poster to remind me. I thought you might appreciate the reminder as well.

Download, share, put it somewhere you’ll see it and FEEL FREE every day.

Qigong Exercises for Blood Pressure. My 8 minute miracle!

I wanted to post real quick, to show you guys these incredibly effective qigong exercise videos on blood pressure. Im just so excited about them, and I’ll show you why.

I’ve been trying to get my blood pressure down all morning, actually since yesterday. My diastolic has been hovering near the 100 range, for god knows how long. Yesterday I decided to test and was not happy. Ive just taken up the practice of EFT (emotional freedom technique, aka tapping) with awesome results! Allowing myself to FEEL through my feelings, having better ‘discussions’ with Jon (my boyfriend) and learning to speak my authentic truth.

Today, for some reason, EFT wasnt cutting it. Ive been sitting on my butt, not really moving for weeks, somewhat accepting my anxiety ridden fate of winter. That does not help the blood flow. But EFT got me thinking… EFT, or tapping on your meridians, is said to move energy through the body. Very cool.

Yesterday my mentor Cynthia sent me a Gregg Braden video. He mentioned again the medicineless hospital in China with the famous 3 minute cancer healing. So I took off looking for more information about the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic. Qigong is the practice of moving energy (qi or chi) through the body. Qigong, hmmmm. I just heard about this the other day.

Today, the little lightbulb went off, and I searched for medical qigong exercises on youtube. After about the third video, I FOUND THIS ONE!

wait wait wait. let me document this before your very eyes…

Prior to the video, my blood pressure checked in at a whopping 141/101! whoa momma.
To be conservative. I calmed down, took it again and we will start this off at 127/96

Qigong video #1

you see that little timer in the video? 5 minutes and 17 seconds!
my blood pressure after five minutes? 129/89… (from 96!)


Qigong video #2

after another 3 minutes and 12 seconds, I clocked in at 119/86.

all i can say is wow. after a total of 8 minutes and 29 seconds of qigong, my diastolic blood pressure dropped 10 points back into a much safer range.

Needless to say, I will be practicing qigong for a while 😀

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

14 Things You Can Do to Lift Yourself UP

Raising your Vibration is easy. Its just a matter of thinking good thoughts that generate good feelings. That’s simple, right? In the throws of life, its hard to sustain. So we practice. and then practice some more, trying to ‘level up’, to a place where nothing can bring you down. Now thats ideal.

I wholeheartedly believe in this. It sits right with me. So Im willing to practice. But as I examine the idea more, I have questions. How does this work? Is it even real?… Scientifically, we are matter. We have a frequency. That we know. But is that frequency IN our body, does it expand beyond… and, can we change our frequency. If we do change it, what really happens?

I searched exhaustively and fell short of a real scientific explanation, its ALL spiritual out there. Do we not have the technology to measure this? If you have any information about the subject, please add your ideas and links in the comments.

On that note, I think this video comes close. Gregg Braden shows an experiment that records how a drop of water changes when you pump vibration through it. The water forms geometric patterns. As the frequency raises to the next threshold, the patterns become more complex. The drop will “morph into a more beautiful complex pattern of itself.” But not just any old patterns, sacred geometric patterns. Whaaat? who knew water was so evolved. Watch. Its fascinating and beautiful.

So we can only associate and theorize at this point. If a drop of water can change, our water filled bodies can change. If emotion IS vibration, we can use emotion to change the frequency of our physical vibration. We have a say about the patterns we morph into.

But how do you really do it? I asked myself… Letting go was the answer. Doing something awesome with the goal of letting go.

“Raising your vibrational frequency not only changes your body chemistry, it changes everything around you. The molecules in the air even. And this in turn sends out ‘instruction’. Your goal has been set (desire has been launched) and the universe wants to achieve it. Because all of everything youve ever wanted is possible in this new frequency, it only takes you to get there. So go. Get there often so the universe can do its work… making you happy. Every time you release your grip on those desires, you hand over the reins. Thats when things happen. When you allow the universe to take over, everything shifts.

Just imagine the resources the universe has! To lead a person in a certain direction. To ‘pop’ a thought into someones mind. It only happens when you let go of your control over the situation. Just imagine the synchronicity in the world, if everyone let go at the same time. It would blow your mind! Thats why group meditation and group prayer are so effective. But there are so many other ways to let go. Its just a matter of thinking another thought. Something so joyful that it allows your molecules to shift. Something as simple as laughing at a joke, or adoring your children. These are important moments. Acknowledge them. Absorb them. Seek them out, and allow them to grow. Good things will happen so fast you wont know what hit you, and in a matter of weeks, days even, your life can be so different, you barely recognize it” ~your soul.
(* any quote signed as ‘your soul’ is a form of writing where i turn off my brain and let words come. I dont know if its my soul. I dont even know if its true. but I do know it usually surprises me)

Raising Your Vibration Painting

That being said. I dug deep and found the ways I love to get out of my own way, to let go and raise my own frequency. I have the feeling if these help me, they might help you too. I painted this painting. I keep it close. When Im feeling low, I pick one thing and DO it. Even if it feels like exercise, the process of going through it really pulls me up. In as little as 15 minutes I can do a 180 towards a higher vibration.

Steal this photo, use it as a screensaver, print it out and keep it close. When you feel low, pick something on the list and Do It! Raise your vibration!

How to Raise Your Vibration:

  1. SING
    Theres no doubt about it, happy people sing. I have a terrible voice, but it never fails to lift my spirit. Every time I sing, even in the shower or while doing the dishes, I feel great. Even humming does the job. My son sings every morning, he is the happiest person i know. It makes me happy just to hear him.
  2. DANCE
    When I have the space, and the time, I absolutely love to dance. Its my favorite way to move and feel free! There are so many places to take dance classes, but I’ll be honest, I just dont go. So when I need the pick me up, and I have 15 minutes or so, I just dance right in my room. Throw a beginner video on youtube and im off to funky town. Ive even gotten over the embarrassment of ‘who’s watching’ or how much noise im making. I just announce with joy, ‘Im zumba’ing’, and nobody cares.
    Meditation is the ultimate way to get the brain out of the way and let go. Focusing on the breath, allowing thoughts to float by and to simple ‘BE’. People who practice as a lifestyle like Deepak Chopra, report that the benefits are endless and nothing short of incredible. My friend, Constance tells me that she KNOWS when she missed meditation, the whole day just flows better when she takes the time to do it. It could easily be the right thing for you too.
  4. YOGA
    Lately, Ive have a hard time sticking with meditation. I tried yoga and wow! I get to move my body, focus on my breath and take instruction on how to align, balance and lift my physical body to a higher vibration. If im feeling low, just 10 minutes of yoga pulls me up. Plus, it makes your body STRONG.
    If you dont like yoga, find the excercise you LOVE. For some people its as easy as walking around the block. Getting some air clears your mind and helps you let go. But of course, you dont have to exercise outside. Moving your body in a way that you enjoy and feels good for you is most important in raising your vibration.
  6. MUSIC
    Listening to music has the same affect on me as singing, it lifts me right up. If one song isnt doing the job, I find another. Or I’ll listen to relaxation music. Music can be combined with exercise if you need a place to really enjoy it (in your headphones) and feel like youd rather move with it. Sometimes I’ll just drive around listening to music and singing as loud as i want with the windows closed. Its just plain FUN!
  7. LAUGH
    Laughing is as quick and easy as finding a comedian on youtube or netflix. You’re letting go by focusing on something other than your situation or your problem and allowing joy to flow through your whole body. You might even be able to laugh at yourself! What a better way to lighten the load.
  8. WRITE
    If you have a few moments, write yourself a little pep talk! Name all the things you appreciate, or write exactly WHY everything will work out in your favor. This is an excercise in raising vibration, so make it as elaborate or as huge as your heart desires – as long as it feels great. Let go and make it fun. The second you write something that your brain just cant handle, and you start to feel your vibration dropping, back off, ‘go general‘ and start slower. The point is to let go, and feel good. Dare to dream for a while and see how it lifts you.
  9. SPEAK
    Like singing, focus on the vibration that speaking illuminates in your body. Talk to friends, family, spiritual buddies, or even into a voice recorder, just make sure to choose people or conversations that lift your spirit! Speaking opens your throat chakra.
  10. LISTEN
    When your done talking, listen! One of the best meditations Ive done is to just sit, inside or outside, and listen to the sounds of the world around me. Its very calming, even when there are obnoxious noises. If the goal is to just listen, youre less likely to judge what you hear, and allow it to come. When you show the world youre listening, it can talk to you!
    Do you have more ways to communicate? Painting and drawing, playing a musical instrument are all ways to express yourself, to communicate your feelings with the world. If I havent hit a way to communicate that you like, pave your own way! Find your unique way to communicate with your world and leave your mark.
    Connect with nature, with animals, with people. Go for walks in nature. Volunteer to work with animals. Join a club that practices your favorite hobby. You’re a part of this world. BEing part of it helps you thrive.
  13. DIET
    We know that eating more raw foods like fresh fruit and vegetables is healthy. But I’ve noticed that healthy food makes me feel much lighter. I started by adding fruit, or smoothies in the morning, salad at lunch and cooked veggies at dinner. Theres no secret here, we all know how to eat healthy. The goal is to ‘push out’ heavy foods and add more of what we know is healthy. If you eat like crap, start slow and add more to your diet with the intent of feeling better.
  14. WATER
    Water cleanses the body and its just plain good for you. Swimming, walking in the rain, taking a long shower, they’re all so freeing. Even drinking water has an astounding affect. The man who wrote the ‘Water Cure‘ blames almost all diseases on dehydration. Theres one very easy way to know if youre getting enough water. (I apologize for being gross) if your pee isnt clear or light yellow, its time to drink more water! Buy bottled water, or create an easy way for your water to be within arms reach.

I hope this helps! If you have ways that YOU lift YOUR vibration, let us know! AND if you have any hardcore scientific proof to bring this concept beyond theory, please, let me know in the comments below.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening: Green Means Go(d)

I’ll start this one off with a story. Today my boyfriend Jon and I were driving to the auto parts store. It was a more challenging morning full of arguments, hiccups at work, three broken cars and more than enough irritation to fill my bowl. He asked me, how do we stop this aggravation and be happy? So I guided him through it, and boy did I need the practice! With all this junk floating around, cleaning up my vibration was long overdue.

I told him, all these things you’re complaining about today, hitting every red light, people driving like idiots, the difficult time fixing cars, they’re very specific things arent they? So we gotta step back, as far as necessary, to see what feels good. We “Go General”.

So I asked him, Whats good about now? He was in negativeland, so I helped by naming things. Well, you its good that you HAVE a working car to go get parts. were not sitting in the house anymore. heck if you have to go all the way back to ‘Im alive’ to feel grateful, then you go back. None of these things were grabbing his attention until I said ‘the trees’.

It was an intensly gorgeous fall day. Rainy and warm. Beautiful storm clouds in the distance to set the perfect mood. And the trees, the TREES! They’d turned the most brilliant yellow, orange and scarlet. So we focused on them, ‘wow, look at that one… and that one’, pointing out photo worthy fall scenes along the way. (For some reason, trees are the ticket, they inspire awe in me, every time, and I have a hold of the gratitude Im looking for.)

We worked at keeping our mood high by thinking of other things that were good. When I mentioned, ‘and your car will be fixed soon’ I saw the grrrr reenter his face. Too far? so we backed off a little and kept working at it.

signs-of-spiritual-awakeningCan you guess what happened, not even 5 minutes after we started practicing? This is absolutely no joke. We got all green lights. All the way to the store, where we got the best parking spot.

Inside, we kept our energy up, showing each other neat stuff in the store… until I ran into a friend I hadnt seen in 10 years. He started a landscape business and heard about our little nursery business. He told me he wanted to buy plants from us and to make sure to get in contact with him. I wondered how that conversation would have went down if we didnt pull ourselves out of that crap mood. Or would I have even seen him in the store. That crazy universe.

On the way back, Jon asked me to look up some other parts on my iphone, but I couldnt show him the photos because we didnt hit a red light for him stop and look. We had a good laugh about that.

I learned how to “Go General” from Abraham Hicks, and it really saved the day.

This stuff is no joke, and this is how it starts. I’ve just never seen it happen so fast!

Green Lights and Parking Spots are some of the first signs of spiritual awakening. It may seem simplistic, but it shows you that life can be a breeze when you allow it.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Signs of spiritual awakening expand way beyond green lights. Numbers. Words. Something you assign. The universe is listening! and it’s trying to prove that it is, we just need to be aware and get the hell out of the way.

Now What About You!?

Have you been experiencing coincidences like crazy that you just cannot explain away? Do you let it drive you nuts, or rather recognize the synchronicity and acknowledge that the universe is working in your favor! LuckyBitch, Denise Duffield Thomas practices this. She calls herself a ‘reverse paranoid’ and I just love the term. She believes “the entire Universe is conspiring to help me achieve my wildest dreams.” How do you think your life would be different if you held a BELIEF like that? She’s manifested A LOT of stuff. Being the optimist, I’ll raise my hand and answer ‘oh, oh, true!’

Manifest Money in 24 Hours!
Listen to Denise “Lucky Bitch” Thomas explain how


Have you been longing for your divine purpose in life? You’re waking UP! If you’ve been asking come on, what’s my purpose for so long that you’re swimming in doubt, I have good news! Your purpose is to do whatever it is that you’re drawn to, whatever you’re inspired to do, at any moment. Your purpose is to be YOU and follow your heart… not in the long run, but every second of every day. One inspiration leads to another and another. EXPERIENCING the good in life is purpose enough, don’t you think? Add them all together in a string of inspiration and your life may be screaming at you ‘go this direction!’ Struggling to find a purpose will never lead you to it. Its less likely that you’ll have a grand epiphany about what you’re supposed to do, and more likely that you’ll follow your journey and lead yourself there.

There are a few more common signs that we collectively experience. Kristen Butler at was dead on with her 11 Signs You May be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening Some of the signs she pointed out happened so long ago that I thought it was a normal part of life. But newer signs for me like seeing numbers, the desire to connect with nature (the trees!) and the desire to eat healthier were a striking indication that so many of use are going through a spiritual awakening.

Have you been experiencing signs of spiritual awakening? I want to know. Put them in the comments below!

1111 Meaning: Why am I Looking at the Clock at 11:11?

Sometime in 2008 a strange phenomenon occurred that I’d never heard of. I kept looking at the clock at 11:11. Not just looking, I was really noticing. It was strangely exciting and I had no idea why it was happening. It happened so often that I started calling out to my family, ‘it’s 11:11!’. Wasn’t long before i was wondering What in the world is going ON? I asked my good friend google.

8 years ago, there was exactly ONE article about it online. It said that Angels were sending me messages that I’m right on track. It sounded unrealistic, but it didn’t stop me from saying thank you and sending it back, setting the microwave to 1:11 to heat my tea. Cool. I got angels.

When the 2’s started… then the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s, it kinda drove me mad. NObody could explain this in terms I could understand. It went on for years. After a while, I could only say ‘yeah yeah, the numbers’ and you know what happened. The numbers stopped. Talk about ungrateful. Why did it have to mean more? Today Im learning to be more grateful for things, big and small.

1111 meaning

1111 meaning

Alas, a more complex answer finally did come. Something to wrap my head around. The numbers signify ‘Alignment’. I knew it was true when Esther Hicks told the audience about her same exact experience, the night she woke up at 1:11, then 2:22, 3:33 all the way through until 5:55. The earliest recording I’ve heard her mention this was in 2003. She explained “The universe is knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.” Now that’s something!

1111 Meaning Alignment

Alignment is a concept I just get. It happens when you are thinking the same thoughts, having the same feelings that your ‘soul’ has. Your energy is vibrating at a frequency that matches the frequency of your ‘source’. A frequency that opens doors. When you’re aligned things are easy, questions are answered, everything kinda flows. When you see the numbers, you truly are on the right track. Keep it up! Its a good time to remember the things that you want in life, things you’re grateful for, basically things that make you happy. How many times do you exclaim, “I LOVE MY LIFE!” Maybe its time to start.

To achieve that alignment, your feelings are your best indicator of where you’re at. When you’re feeling the highest emotions like love, gratitude, positive expectation, hope, the more it will make you feel good. The more you feel good, the more aligned you are. The more aligned you are, the more good can flow.

When things just work, you feel good, but have you ever tried it the other way around??? Feel good and then things work? It said to be the way to really manifest. Let the good times roll!

You can go even further with this.

When you see numbers, hear and read a word at the same time, or get any little syncronistic signs from the universe, check in! What are you thinking about? How are you feeling? If it makes sense, GO with it. Were you wondering if you should do a specific something, and bam there’s a big fat row of numbers? explore it more. Imagine doing that thing with your whole heart. Does it make you soar? Do you hear that resounding ‘yes’ from your whole being? Maybe its something you really gotta do. Let the universe guide you! Let your feelings guide you!

By the way, the numbers finally did come back (probably about 5 times while writing this post). Mostly I see 11:23, my birthday!!! Now that really makes me happy.

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Do you remember a time when your life just flowed? Did you get any signs? Do you have your own spiritual meaning of 1111? I’d love to hear your stories. Write them in the comments below.

When is it OK to be Pissed Off? Anger and Spirituality

when-is-it-ok-to-be-pissed-off Why were we taught to NOT express our emotions? The bad ones anyway. Men arent allowed to cry, women arent allowed to lose it, children arent allowed to act out. If we’re only meant to feel good, then what’s this whole anger thing about? When I learned why, a little mini bomb triggered and kinda blew my mind.

It’s an insanely cool idea. I’ve had emotions my whole life, and it never once entered my brain to ask the question, why do we feel? Thats what humans do right? BUT. I learned that emotions have a purpose…… What? neeeat. They exist clear up our thinking and to literally guide us along our way through life. Isnt that incredible? We have a built in system that tells us which way to go! Esther Hicks calls it our ‘guidance system’. But here’s the really cool part, how it works.

When you feel bad, your thoughts are not ‘aligned‘, meaning you are not thinking what your ‘true self’, soul, or what source (God) thinks. You might think one day, I hate myself. It in turn, makes you feel bad, and rightly so. This is because your true self does NOT hate you, and this negative thought causes dissonance. Dissonance FEELS bad. It doesnt match up with your truth. So that would mean, all we have to do is follow our feelings. If something makes you feel bad, do or think something else, until you feel good. Simple.

Of course, you know us humans, we tend to complicate things, so its more involved than that.

We have this nasty habit of ignoring our feelings and letting thoughts go by unchecked.
It’s kind of what we were taught. Once you start paying attention to your feelings again, you can learn to follow your guidance. ‘Your emotional body communicates through your physical body.’  (Brian Ridgeway) When you ‘tune in’ to your feelings, guidance comes through as physical sensations. Then we can say, hmmm now whats that feeling? Identify it and follow our guidance system back to happiness.

But it gets a little more hairy.

As I started learning spiritual principles, I stopped allowing myself to feel bad. I thought I had to be perfect. Anger and spirituality dont go jive! But the truth is, I didnt even know I was pinching off my pre-installed guidance system! We need those negative emotions to tell us when were going the wrong way.

The greatest concept on this subject is “You are where you are”. When Esther Hicks said that, it was such a relief! Instead of shoving love, hope and optimism down my throat, I was able to STOP and say, ‘ok, what am I really feeling?’. Sometimes it’s really easy to identify. Anger? ok, now that im paying attention, lets express this. should I beat a pillow? Should I have a little talk with someone? Should I go for a jog and blow off steam? Or can i just exclaim ‘God, IM SO ANGRY’ and allow it to flow through. Phew, now that’s out of the way, I’ll feel good in no time.

Hold on, you knew there would be more, didntchya.

We may also have lessons to learn.
Bad things happen. They do. From a spiritual perspective, we brought it to us. If like attracts like, some certain way we were thinking led it right into our experience. Its so hard to believe or understand, because you’d never choose something like that for yourself. But look closer. What was happening, what were you thinking, how were you feeling before the situation occurred? You might find some strange coincidences. The more we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, the more we can learn to clean up the little messes we make.

abraham-hicks-emotional-scaleThe Emotional Scale

David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force, created the Emotional Scale, later reiterated by Esther Hicks. Its a list of emotions from positive to negative. Those emotions down there at the bottom, those are bad. We’re not supposed to go down there. But were human! With the ability to experience all the feelings our human world has to offer. WE GO DOWN THERE. It’s our nature.

The key is, not to stay down there too long.

But, as Ive learned from Esther, you can’t always just snap out of it. You cant leap from Anger all the way to Joy, we must work our way back up. Ideally through internal pep talks. (mantra: I am my own best friend) Does it feel better to blame someone than to be angry? Then by all means, blame someone. Are you disappointed? Does that feel better than blame, then stay there for a minute. Work your way up through frustration, contentment, hopefulness all the way up to the top. But as you start to go, slow down, take a breath. Acknowledge where you are. ALLOW yourself to experience the feeling. Life is all about experience.

So let me answer this question in the simplest terms:  its OK to be Pissed Off… WHEN you’re pissed off. Feel what you feel. Let it flow through you as you feel it. Allow it to come and allow it to go. Clearing all those emotions makes room for new better ones. So then all of your emotions are more authentic, more real and you’re living a TRUE and guided life… A life guided by YOU!


one last thing. I think Richard Pryor is absolutely right.

7 Things I Learned from Shoulder Pain

Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Anatomical_studies_of_the_shoulder_-_WGA12824Last week, my boyfriend and I were sharing the lawn tractor, fitting our two big butts side by side on one little seat. I was steering, grinning widely that we were funnin’ it up like kids. We hit a bump and a tiny ache meandered through my shoulder, then left like it was never there. I didn’t think much about it… until that night. I was rolling around in pain, unable to sleep, soon unable to move my arm, not even an inch. 3 days later, I was in tears, begging him to take me to the hospital to find out what the heck I did to my shoulder! When you’re in pain, there’s not much to think about, but pain. But if we are aware and reflective through the process we can actually learn something. Here’s what I learned.

  1. Pain is Exhausting
    When pain is disabling you, even little things take big effort. Add a sleepless night or two, and its pretty tiring. Your body is trying to tell you something, and I believe it is precisely “Slow down dummy, let me heal.” Get your rest, and maybe try meditation to get in the right brain space.
  2. There is an Emotional Element to every Ailment
    Since were now listening to our body, lets listen to our thoughts and feelings too. Many times pain coincides with our ‘sayings’.  In this case, shoulder pain says that I was having trouble ‘Shouldering Responsibility’. The inflammation indicates that I’m angry, or inflamed, about something. I do have quite a few ‘chores’, plus a boyfriend and a son to care about, and then of course money and a job. Enter a little disabling pain and I saw quickly, who around me was pushing my ‘responsibility’ boundaries, and how I might feel like it was my job to do the work. This is NOT to place blame on someone for ‘doing this to me’, causing injury and pain. I did this to myself.

    I believe that the way I feel and the thoughts I think brought this to me, whether I was aware of them or not. If I had any of the following beliefs, I wonder, would this little trauma have occurred? Thoughts like ‘Im so happy that we all do our part to contribute’ -or- ‘I love the work and Im happy to do it’ -or even- ‘Im a great delegator. I can hand out tasks in a really fair way’. These are all very true and just as easy to believe as ‘i gotta do all this’ or taken an easier approach and just not thought about it at all.

    I used ‘who did this to me’ as reflective awareness to let me know where my vibes dont jive, what IM feeling, and may be pushing down. I also joked (with good intention and 100% adorableness) that Im ‘learning to be flexible’. Since I had virtually no use of my right arm, I started using my left. It turned out to be kinda fun, even.

    Louise Hay published a list of common illnesses and their metaphysical cause. She wrote it in her book You Can Heal Your Life. You can see a quick overview on this site.

  3. One Situation Can Uncover Other Problems
    I think an amazing belief to adopt is that “The Universe is Always Working For ME”… or taking care of me, looking out for me, Is always on my side. However it sounds right. IF the ‘universe always supports me’ THEN… it will show me what to do. And TRUST that. Its an incredibly loving feeling, even if you only believe it just a little.

    When I was forced to the hospital with pain, they routinely checked my blood pressure. It was really high. Higher than pain would cause it to go (I made sure to ask that question). This was obviously my sign to do something about it. Ive brought it down in the past, under doctor supervision, with the Dash Diet (milk, bananas, potatoes and fish if you want to get started right now). And even though Im in the middle of Alan Carrs book,  Easy Way to Stop Smoking, Im not quite finished smoking yet. But I learned something amazing. WebMD (WEBMD!) published a study on how e-cigarettes aren’t as bad for your blood pressure as cigarettes are. I was blown away that this is actually out there.

  4. EFT Works on Pain (and is really illuminating)
    If you’ve never tried Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), its just about the silliest thing you’ll be happy you did. You stimulate (tap on) your ‘acupuncture points’, the body’s ‘energy meridians’.  I wouldnt ever do it in public because it looks ridiculous, and I cant say that it works for everyone. I also cant say that it works miracles, I’m pretty sure you gotta do it more than once or twice. But its a little piece of the puzzle that helps along the way. And if you do a guided session, it could pinpoint an emotional cause of your ailment. You might have an a-ha moment. If you decide to try guided EFT, I recommend searching for Julia Shiffman on youtube. Shes so down to earth. Plus she works for Dr. Mercola who I think absolutely brilliant.
  5. Doctors Know More than You Think
    If you dont love your doctor, seriously, find one that you do. Remember that belief… if ‘the universe always supports me’, then your doctor is part of that universe. Let him be there for you. I think its important to not try to diagnose your own issues. Tell him your symptoms, he’ll figure it out. And if there’s anything you’re not clear about, ask questions! Doctors are usually in a hurry, but your pain is as important as the next guys.
  6. Try Everything
    You never know whats going to work best. When you’re in pain, you’ll be more than willing to research your issue. I make a list of things I can do to heal, and go through all of them to see which works best. What better way to tell my body, I really want you to feel good. Once I have a diagnosis, its really easy to combine my doctors advice with home treatments. They’re usually so simple! For my shoulder, a 20 minute ice pack, and massaging the tissue with tiger balm in addition to the docs prescription ibuprofen worked wonders for the pain. I’ve learned some other remedies too, like Apple Cider Vinegar for food poisoning. Coconut Oil for bad teeth and gums. Knitbone for breaks and tissue regeneration. And of course, there’s always a healthy diet of fresh fruit and veggies.
  7. Approach it as a Learning Experience
    Pain sucks, there’s no two ways about it. But if you’re in the right mentality, there’s so much you can learn through pain – about yourself, about life, about your thinking and about what you WANT. Remember that Emotional Element of pain? In my case, the feelings of burden and anger from responsibility. Ask yourself, what would I RATHER have? And don’t answer ‘no more pain’. What would you REALLY rather have?  Maybe an active, happy life where responsibilities are a joy. I learned this from my lovely new friend Cynthia. Once you know, you can totally imagine it. The more the better. They say your brain doesnt know the difference between real and imagined. Imagine it with all the feeling in your heart and youre halfway there!