‘Feel Free’ Mantra. Poster Download.

A while back, I was thinking about quitting smoking, going through the feelings of how it would be to feel free of the addiction. How it feels to breath easy, run farther, be super healthy and FEEL the freedom, never missing it, ever… and I came up with the following writing. It was about smoking, but it can really be for anything you would like freedom from, or just the beautiful feeling of freedom in general!

“go forth in you efforts with confidence that you will get what you want… you always do. Its YOU! Your body, your life – LOVE YOURSELF. The more you love yourself, the more the negative things will fall away. It will disinterest you, because it doesnt resonate with love, and all the things that you want. Love yourself and FEEL FREE. The more you feel free, the more freedom your brain will allow you to have. Do things that make you feel free. Run. Dance. Swim or even take a bath. Make Love. Ride Horses. Meditate. Lift your spirits and say this mantra: I AM FREE! and I only allow freedom. I allow freedom to permeate every cell of my being. I allow freedom to take over my thoughts and guide me to freedom.” ~your soul.
(* any quote signed as ‘your soul’ is a form of writing where i turn off my brain and let words come. I dont know if its my soul. I dont even know if its true. but I do know it usually surprises me)

Feel Free Poster

I decided to make a poster to remind me. I thought you might appreciate the reminder as well.

Download, share, put it somewhere you’ll see it and FEEL FREE every day.

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