How to Have an AMAZING Day – by Randy Gage

In this video, Randy Gage gives us his 7 questions to ask yourself, every morning so that you can have an amazing day… every day. And you know what. It’s working! I cant imagine how it could not! Do these things every day and see how your life changes for the better!

Question 1. What are you grateful for? (energy attracts and repels!)
Question 2. What can I DO to be joyful today?
Question 3. What can I do today to be of service?
Question 4. Who do I know that needs a text, call or card from me today?
Question 5. What can I do today to strengthen my mind?
Question 6. What is the GOAL pulling me toward it? (have a ‘why that makes you cry’)
Question 7. What specific action step is the next one toward my goal?

Randys Prosperity TV Channel on youtube is full of quick inspirational videos. Make sure to subscribe. Also, Check out Randys website, hes great! Get a free copy of Randy’s “50 Secrets of Prosperity” e-book at

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