Lemon Detox. A Gentle Lemon Water Cleanse

lemon detox - a gentle lemon cleanse

Lemon Detox. A gentle Lemon Water Cleanse

I’ve just begun my journey into the increasingly popular world of essential oils. I am absolutely loving this experience. Being an avid gardener, my backyard is my ‘happy place’. So, it’s no surprise that the health benefits of plants would be fascinating. I’m having a ball researching.

One that I’ve seen the quickest benefits from is Lemon Essential Oil. When my friend, Constance, the one I bought my starter kit from, recommended a lemon detox, I was reluctant. Why would one drop of lemon oil scare me? But it seemed weird to ingest these oils. My system can be finicky about new things at times, so I was a little paranoid.

One day, with the help of my boyfriend, I drummed up the courage to try it. It’s just LEMON after all. Well actually it’s made from lemon rinds, 75 lemon rinds to be exact! (it takes 75 lemons to make on 15ml bottle of lemon oil). I added a packet of stevia and ONE drop of lemon oil to my morning water. It’s pretty tasty. But the real surprise… after a couple of days, I started GOING more.

You know how they say you’re not really regular unless you have a few bowel movements a day? A FEW!? I’ve only ever had one (or less) a day, my whole entire life. And it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

This reminds me of a Dane Cook joke “We’re all gonna do three things. There are 3 things we all share. We’re all gonna lie, we’re all gonna cry, and we’re all gonna take painful shits. You could be man of the year, or woman of the universe, you’re gonna be in your bathroom one day [graphic visualizations, references to glass shards and Halle Berry clutching her oscar, omitted]”

all kidding aside, I started going more, and MUCH more easily.


so easy…

  • 1 drop of lemon essential oil
  • 16 oz bottle of spring water
  • Packet of stevia for yumminess (optional)
  • your bathroom 2-3 times/day

I think about cleansing often, to get all that garbage out of my system. I imagine all of the bodily functions all that garbage affects in my system. But I’m working through issues with anxiety, and big diet changes and hardcore cleanses are too harsh on my body. I know I have to go light, and this gentle lemon water cleanse is a perfect starter.

lightly flavored lemon water. much better than this

gentle lemon detox water cleanse

If you or someone you love would benefit from a gentle lemon detox, I implore you, give it a shot! And let me know the results!

young living lemon vitality essential oilI purchased my lemon oil from my friend Constance. It’s therapeutic grade and I know it’s good stuff. You can tell by just smelling it. Ask her about a starter kit. You get so much in the kit, including lemon! and it’s such fun to play with all those wonderful smells, all the while knowing that it’s GOOD for you!

I know this lemon detox is working, right away, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and make my body a healthier place to live.

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