1111 Meaning: Why am I Looking at the Clock at 11:11?

Sometime in 2008 a strange phenomenon occurred that I never of. I kept looking at the clock at 11:11. Not just looking, I was really noticing. It was strangely exciting and I had no idea why it was happening. It happened so often that I started announcing humorously to my family, ‘it’s 11:11!’. But I had to wonder What was going ON? I asked my good friend google.

When is it OK to be Pissed Off? Anger and Spirituality

Why were we taught to NOT express our emotions? The bad ones anyway. Men arent allowed to cry, women arent allowed to lose it, children arent allowed to act out. If we’re only meant to feel good, then what’s this whole anger thing about? When I learned why, a little mini bomb triggered and kinda blew my mind.

7 Things I Learned from Shoulder Pain

Last week, my boyfriend and I were sharing the lawn tractor, fitting our two big butts side by side on one little seat. I was steering, grinning that we were funnin’ it up like kids. We hit a bump and a tiny ache sauntered through my shoulder and left. I didn’t think twice about it… until that night. I was rolling around in pain, unable to sleep, and soon unable to move my arm, not even an inch. 3 days later, I was in tears, begging him to take me to the hospital to find out what the heck I did to my shoulder!