Qigong Exercises for Blood Pressure. My 8 minute miracle!

I wanted to post real quick, to show you guys these incredibly effective qigong exercise videos on blood pressure. Im just so excited about them, and I’ll show you why.

I’ve been trying to get my blood pressure down all morning, actually since yesterday. My diastolic has been hovering near the 100 range, for god knows how long. Yesterday I decided to test and was not happy. Ive just taken up the practice of EFT (emotional freedom technique, aka tapping) with awesome results! Allowing myself to FEEL through my feelings, having better ‘discussions’ with Jon (my boyfriend) and learning to speak my authentic truth.

Today, for some reason, EFT wasnt cutting it. Ive been sitting on my butt, not really moving for weeks, somewhat accepting my anxiety ridden fate of winter. That does not help the blood flow. But EFT got me thinking… EFT, or tapping on your meridians, is said to move energy through the body. Very cool.

Yesterday my mentor Cynthia sent me a Gregg Braden video. He mentioned again the medicineless hospital in China with the famous 3 minute cancer healing. So I took off looking for more information about the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic. Qigong is the practice of moving energy (qi or chi) through the body. Qigong, hmmmm. I just heard about this the other day.

Today, the little lightbulb went off, and I searched for medical qigong exercises on youtube. After about the third video, I FOUND THIS ONE!

wait wait wait. let me document this before your very eyes…

Prior to the video, my blood pressure checked in at a whopping 141/101! whoa momma.
To be conservative. I calmed down, took it again and we will start this off at 127/96

Qigong video #1

you see that little timer in the video? 5 minutes and 17 seconds!
my blood pressure after five minutes? 129/89… (from 96!)


Qigong video #2

after another 3 minutes and 12 seconds, I clocked in at 119/86.

all i can say is wow. after a total of 8 minutes and 29 seconds of qigong, my diastolic blood pressure dropped 10 points back into a much safer range.

Needless to say, I will be practicing qigong for a while 😀

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