Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

14 Things You Can Do to Lift Yourself UP

Raising your Vibration is easy. Its just a matter of thinking good thoughts that generate good feelings. That’s simple, right? In the throws of life, its hard to sustain. So we practice. and then practice some more, trying to ‘level up’, to a place where nothing can bring you down. Now thats ideal.

I wholeheartedly believe in this. It sits right with me. So Im willing to practice. But as I examine the idea more, I have questions. How does this work? Is it even real?… Scientifically, we are matter. We have a frequency. That we know. But is that frequency IN our body, does it expand beyond… and, can we change our frequency. If we do change it, what really happens?

I searched exhaustively and fell short of a real scientific explanation, its ALL spiritual out there. Do we not have the technology to measure this? If you have any information about the subject, please add your ideas and links in the comments.

On that note, I think this video comes close. Gregg Braden shows an experiment that records how a drop of water changes when you pump vibration through it. The water forms geometric patterns. As the frequency raises to the next threshold, the patterns become more complex. The drop will “morph into a more beautiful complex pattern of itself.” But not just any old patterns, sacred geometric patterns. Whaaat? who knew water was so evolved. Watch. Its fascinating and beautiful.

So we can only associate and theorize at this point. If a drop of water can change, our water filled bodies can change. If emotion IS vibration, we can use emotion to change the frequency of our physical vibration. We have a say about the patterns we morph into.

But how do you really do it? I asked myself… Letting go was the answer. Doing something awesome with the goal of letting go.

“Raising your vibrational frequency not only changes your body chemistry, it changes everything around you. The molecules in the air even. And this in turn sends out ‘instruction’. Your goal has been set (desire has been launched) and the universe wants to achieve it. Because all of everything youve ever wanted is possible in this new frequency, it only takes you to get there. So go. Get there often so the universe can do its work… making you happy. Every time you release your grip on those desires, you hand over the reins. Thats when things happen. When you allow the universe to take over, everything shifts.

Just imagine the resources the universe has! To lead a person in a certain direction. To ‘pop’ a thought into someones mind. It only happens when you let go of your control over the situation. Just imagine the synchronicity in the world, if everyone let go at the same time. It would blow your mind! Thats why group meditation and group prayer are so effective. But there are so many other ways to let go. Its just a matter of thinking another thought. Something so joyful that it allows your molecules to shift. Something as simple as laughing at a joke, or adoring your children. These are important moments. Acknowledge them. Absorb them. Seek them out, and allow them to grow. Good things will happen so fast you wont know what hit you, and in a matter of weeks, days even, your life can be so different, you barely recognize it” ~your soul.
(* any quote signed as ‘your soul’ is a form of writing where i turn off my brain and let words come. I dont know if its my soul. I dont even know if its true. but I do know it usually surprises me)

Raising Your Vibration Painting

That being said. I dug deep and found the ways I love to get out of my own way, to let go and raise my own frequency. I have the feeling if these help me, they might help you too. I painted this painting. I keep it close. When Im feeling low, I pick one thing and DO it. Even if it feels like exercise, the process of going through it really pulls me up. In as little as 15 minutes I can do a 180 towards a higher vibration.

Steal this photo, use it as a screensaver, print it out and keep it close. When you feel low, pick something on the list and Do It! Raise your vibration!

How to Raise Your Vibration:

  1. SING
    Theres no doubt about it, happy people sing. I have a terrible voice, but it never fails to lift my spirit. Every time I sing, even in the shower or while doing the dishes, I feel great. Even humming does the job. My son sings every morning, he is the happiest person i know. It makes me happy just to hear him.
  2. DANCE
    When I have the space, and the time, I absolutely love to dance. Its my favorite way to move and feel free! There are so many places to take dance classes, but I’ll be honest, I just dont go. So when I need the pick me up, and I have 15 minutes or so, I just dance right in my room. Throw a beginner video on youtube and im off to funky town. Ive even gotten over the embarrassment of ‘who’s watching’ or how much noise im making. I just announce with joy, ‘Im zumba’ing’, and nobody cares.
    Meditation is the ultimate way to get the brain out of the way and let go. Focusing on the breath, allowing thoughts to float by and to simple ‘BE’. People who practice as a lifestyle like Deepak Chopra, report that the benefits are endless and nothing short of incredible. My friend, Constance tells me that she KNOWS when she missed meditation, the whole day just flows better when she takes the time to do it. It could easily be the right thing for you too.
  4. YOGA
    Lately, Ive have a hard time sticking with meditation. I tried yoga and wow! I get to move my body, focus on my breath and take instruction on how to align, balance and lift my physical body to a higher vibration. If im feeling low, just 10 minutes of yoga pulls me up. Plus, it makes your body STRONG.
    If you dont like yoga, find the excercise you LOVE. For some people its as easy as walking around the block. Getting some air clears your mind and helps you let go. But of course, you dont have to exercise outside. Moving your body in a way that you enjoy and feels good for you is most important in raising your vibration.
  6. MUSIC
    Listening to music has the same affect on me as singing, it lifts me right up. If one song isnt doing the job, I find another. Or I’ll listen to relaxation music. Music can be combined with exercise if you need a place to really enjoy it (in your headphones) and feel like youd rather move with it. Sometimes I’ll just drive around listening to music and singing as loud as i want with the windows closed. Its just plain FUN!
  7. LAUGH
    Laughing is as quick and easy as finding a comedian on youtube or netflix. You’re letting go by focusing on something other than your situation or your problem and allowing joy to flow through your whole body. You might even be able to laugh at yourself! What a better way to lighten the load.
  8. WRITE
    If you have a few moments, write yourself a little pep talk! Name all the things you appreciate, or write exactly WHY everything will work out in your favor. This is an excercise in raising vibration, so make it as elaborate or as huge as your heart desires – as long as it feels great. Let go and make it fun. The second you write something that your brain just cant handle, and you start to feel your vibration dropping, back off, ‘go general‘ and start slower. The point is to let go, and feel good. Dare to dream for a while and see how it lifts you.
  9. SPEAK
    Like singing, focus on the vibration that speaking illuminates in your body. Talk to friends, family, spiritual buddies, or even into a voice recorder, just make sure to choose people or conversations that lift your spirit! Speaking opens your throat chakra.
  10. LISTEN
    When your done talking, listen! One of the best meditations Ive done is to just sit, inside or outside, and listen to the sounds of the world around me. Its very calming, even when there are obnoxious noises. If the goal is to just listen, youre less likely to judge what you hear, and allow it to come. When you show the world youre listening, it can talk to you!
    Do you have more ways to communicate? Painting and drawing, playing a musical instrument are all ways to express yourself, to communicate your feelings with the world. If I havent hit a way to communicate that you like, pave your own way! Find your unique way to communicate with your world and leave your mark.
    Connect with nature, with animals, with people. Go for walks in nature. Volunteer to work with animals. Join a club that practices your favorite hobby. You’re a part of this world. BEing part of it helps you thrive.
  13. DIET
    We know that eating more raw foods like fresh fruit and vegetables is healthy. But I’ve noticed that healthy food makes me feel much lighter. I started by adding fruit, or smoothies in the morning, salad at lunch and cooked veggies at dinner. Theres no secret here, we all know how to eat healthy. The goal is to ‘push out’ heavy foods and add more of what we know is healthy. If you eat like crap, start slow and add more to your diet with the intent of feeling better.
  14. WATER
    Water cleanses the body and its just plain good for you. Swimming, walking in the rain, taking a long shower, they’re all so freeing. Even drinking water has an astounding affect. The man who wrote the ‘Water Cure‘ blames almost all diseases on dehydration. Theres one very easy way to know if youre getting enough water. (I apologize for being gross) if your pee isnt clear or light yellow, its time to drink more water! Buy bottled water, or create an easy way for your water to be within arms reach.

I hope this helps! If you have ways that YOU lift YOUR vibration, let us know! AND if you have any hardcore scientific proof to bring this concept beyond theory, please, let me know in the comments below.

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